Dee (The Mountin Man) grew up in a simple lower middle class family,  Long days and hard work  forged an ethic that he lives by today. As a young man, Dee harvested a buck he felt worthy of having mounted, but unfortunately the cost of doing so exceeded 5 times his weekly income.
    Armed with a library book and his intense drive he taught himself taxidermy! That single event ignited a passion for the art of taxidermy that lead Dee to a lifelong enthusiasm for perfecting his skill.  Dee's love of the craft has enabled him to dedicate himself to all phases of taxidermy for over 40 years, pioneering many techniques used by today's taxidermists.
    Dee has competed in many major international taxidermy competitions, enabling him to earn the distinction of Master Taxidermist.  When Dee started his first taxidermy studio he developed the philosophy of; No matter how good he got, no matter how many awards he won
, he would never charge more than he himself could afford, a philosophy he still lives by today!
Visit Dee at his Studio with it's 1000 sq.ft. display area and over 100 mounts located at:
Mountin Man Taxidermy
685 Knox Rd.
Knox, Pa. 16232
or call him at:
(330) 898-8001