Welcome to Mountin Man Cabin
Although Mountin Man Cabin exists high atop Allegheny Mountain In Virginia it is truely
much more than a building or place! It is the friendship, dedication to nature and our sport,
the wisdom of ages and the anticipation of youth, whenever sportsmen gather the
Mountin Man is there in spirit ! !
David George 1999
Dee 2002
Mike George 2001
Mike Durst 2001
John & Joe Tomecko 2002
John Tomecko, Pat Bratton, Joe Tomecko 2003
Mike Crevier 2005
Mike Crevier 2004
Not all of our hunting partners have two legs! Kitty Hawk was my hunting partner and overall companion for over twenty five years. She has taken me to places I would have otherwise never seen. Her loyalty and dedication are matched by no other.
She will be forever missed!
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