Mountin Man Taxidermy
As well as skin mounts of both cold and warm water species we also do reproductions. Ask us about our catch and release program. Here is how it works........
After you catch a fish you would like to have mounted, measure it's length and girth at the largest point. If a scale is handy the weight helps to but is not necessary. Although the Mountin Man is a Master at bringing the natural colors back to the fish, if you snap a clear picture he can incorporate the subtle nuances that make your fish an individual.
The actual fish
The finished skin mount
You need not live near The Mountin Man to have your fish done! Simply wrap your fish in plastic, then several layers of wet newspaper, place in a plastic bag, or better yet a vacuum sealed bag. Freeze it solid.  Then ship to the Mountain Man via priority mail.  Be sure to contact the Mountin Man before shipping so he will be there to give your trophy his immediate attention at or call (330) 898-8001
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