Mountin Man Taxidermy
in cooperation with Independance Ranch
Hog-A-Mania  2018
To be heald summer of 2018, Exact dates to be determined at final booking
Get your deposit in so you have input in booking the date!
The hunt includes three days two night lodging at Independance ranch, The privilege to harvest two hogs up to 300 pounds,(boar or Sow) meals, transportation while on the ranch, assistance in recovering your harvest. day and nightime hunt sessions, If you have night vision bring it. This is the place to use it.  Unlimited piglets under 50 pounds, and you may harvest two varments, (fox, armadilo, bager, coyote, ringtail cat, mountain lion)
The cost?  ONLY!    $500.00 per hunter
Rifle, Shotgun, Muzzleloader, Handgun, Bow, Crossbow!
No matter how you slice it, we always have a great time! ask those who have hunted with us
A $250.00 deposit will hold your spot with the balance due 45 day prior to the hunt date.
Space is limited and may be filled by other parties, So book early!
Call (330) 898-8001 to reserve your space of for more information
To see more pictures of successfull Mountin Man hunts    Click here!
Too much fun is had on these hunts!
Not included in thr package, Hunting License, Cleaning and quartering of your animals. Processing and packaging, transportation to and from the ranch, Tips and gratuities, Ammo and firearms.
The fee to gut, clean and quarter yor hogs is $50.00 for hogs up to 50 pounds, and $1.00 per pound thereafter.  which includes storing in a freezer or coller and Ice for the return trip home. Every hog you harvest must be cleaned.
All payments are non refundable, but may be transfered to another. We will help all we can in finding someone to take your spot, but you are ultimatly responible for the trip.