What a hunt! I saw more game in three days than I see in a year any place else. First rate operation, great food, great staff, great time.
         John Tomecko, Windham, Ohio.
This hunt is well worth the price even if I had not gotten a hog.  The accommodations, food, and grounds are world class in my opinion. Just spending a day there is worth the cost of the entire hunt. 
        Brian Miller,  Newton Falls, Ohio.
The best hunt ever, from start to finish it was a blast. Although I did not harvest anything, I will be back in 2011. Just to spend 3 days at this Ranch is worth the cost. See you in March of 2011.
        Jon Gildersleeve, Grove City, Pennsylvania
I have been to  HOG-A-MANIA 6 times, and will go every year for as long as I can. Every ranch chosen to host has been fabulous, the staff treats you like kings. The ranches are true resorts. You will never regret attending this hunt!
        Duane Bolk,  Braceville, Ohio
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A great hunt! Dee and the crew of Mountin Man Taxidermy are the best. Between them and the staff of the Ranch, we had a fantastic time.
        Don,      Orewell, Ohio
What can I say that has not been said?  We had so much fun we did not have time to sleep! A great time from the minute we left Mountin Man Studio till we got back.
         Brian,      Jackson Center, Pennsylvania.
A first class hunt! Beautiful place!
          Jim,       Champain, Ohio
Great time! Super fun! Plenty of game.  The Mountin Man is the  nicest guy you will ever meet. Thanks Dee!
         Tyler,          Clarks Mills, Pa.
This was a great hunt and great time, beautiful ranch with great accommodations. I would go again, recommend to others.
         Rich Bissell, Jackson Center , Pa.
Great time, great people, loads of game.  I got 3 huge hogs in one day.  Dee is the man!
          Sean Donaldson, Jackson Center Pa.
This was a first for me! First organized hunt & first big game harvest!  I didn't get a hog, but got a Silver Medal Corsican Ram! Everyone was GREAT! From the time we left till we got back, we had lots of laughs, good food, & great hunts. Highly recommend going on a hunt with the Mountin Man!!      
          Carol Kearse,  Knox, Pa.